June Column


Sorry for the delay in posting columns due to illness and shortage of personnel.

But back now.


Western Distributor Network

I attended an information night run by Council for residents on Wednesday June 8 but some questions remain unanswered.

For example, why has the title of the project changed to the West Gate Tunnel project, when the tunnel section is only part of the project ?

Also, found out that the exit emptying onto Footscray road has been shifted a few hundred metres North from Costco to close at  the Westgate freeway. You need a magnifying glass to read the maps and the new position of the exit is very hard to see. Why shifted unexplained.

In addition, the added traffic onto Footscray Road will largely go up Dudley Street, adding to the already heavy traffic, both car  and commercial, using the road. This added traffic will either continue up Dudley into the city or turn right into Wurundjeri Way which continues down to Flinders Street. Rather than continuing up to Dynon Road where it joins Wurundjeri Way, traffic going into the city and South will take the short cut into Dudley Street.

The is also questioning of the flyover across E gate, the former railways land which will affect proposed housing and the development of that area.

Will continue to press for answers.


Council Election Donations

There is a call for capping election donations. In the 2016 Election it has been reported the Doyle Team received $ 314,000, by far the largest amount and largely from developers. One could think that this would affect decisions on development, particularly high-rise.

There is also a call for a return to attendance voting at polling booths rather than the postal only voting as at present.


Protest Rally –Parliament House re Planning Law Changes

I attended the Rally last Thursday June 8; well attended by some 200 residents from various suburbs, requesting the following:

 . reverse recent change by Minister for Planning to allow multi –unit construction in Neighbourhood                  Residential Zones

. reverse recent  change to increase maximum height of developments

. introduce protection for Melbourne’s heritage retail strips

Spokespeople included opposition MP’s, Professor Michael Buxton and community leaders.

Unfortunately Docklands is classified as a special case about which we can do little as already evidenced by high-rises crammed in and associated problems.


Owners Corporations – requests for assistance

The OC Network is receiving requests for advice and assistance from OC’s in suburban complexes in regard to OC management issues. Issues vary according to the size of the complex.


On a Lighter Note – Ed Sheeran coming

Etihad Stadium has announced that Ed Sheeran is booked to appear in concert at the venue next March.



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Regards to All

Roger Gardner

President DCA





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